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From the monthly archives: December 2019

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TMJ: Warning Signs And Symptoms

Are you experiencing any kind of jaw pain or discomfort? If so it’s possible that you could be developing temporomandibular joint disorder also often referred to by its abbreviation TMJ. Some of the signs that you may be developing TMJ are having some difficulty opening your mouth or pain around your jaw. Not only is TMJ disorder hazardous to your oral health, but it can also decrease your quality of life.

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Sedation Dentistry Can Relieve You Of Your Dental Anxiety

When you think about going to the dentist what is the first thought that comes to mind. It’s usually not a thought about it being a relaxing experience but thanks to advancements in dentistry sedation options are available to help relieve you of your dental anxiety. Oftentimes a patient’s dental anxiety can keep them from seeking treatment and their oral health becomes neglected. However, your oral health is also connected to your overall health and with this being said it’s important to be sure you’re maintaining it.

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