What Is Bone Particulate and How Does It Affect My Bone Graft?

Bone Grafting Holding In A Dental Implant

You have a missing tooth and want the latest dental implant to enhance your smile. However, your dentist tells you that you do not have enough bone volume in your jaw to support an implant. The good news is that you can reverse this problem through bone grafting in North Royalton, OH. And if you work with a dentist who relies on advanced technologies, your bone graft procedure may include the use of bone particulate. 


How Bone Particulate Works in Dentistry: A Basic Overview

Bone particulate is a sand-like substance made from bone. The bone can come from the patient or a donor source, although dentists frequently opt for donor bone particulate. The primary use for bone particulate in dentistry is as an agent during oral bone grafts to stimulate new bone production. Dentists may choose to use bone particulate alone or with another grafting substance, depending upon the desired results and patient case history.

When placed by a trained professional, bone particulate may allow patients with missing teeth and low jawbone density to finally reclaim full mouth function. Studies have shown that bone particulate can improve the overall quality and dependability of a dental bone graft. The stronger the graft outcome, the higher the chances of a successful dental implant procedure.


Will You Need Bone Grafting in North Royalton, OH?

Prior to your dental implant placement surgery, a dentist will determine if you have underlying health issues that need to be addressed. For instance, you may have inadequate bone strength to support a single implant or full arch implants. At that point, you may be given some options, including bone grafting using bone particulate.

Should you move forward with this type of bone grafting? As long as you are well enough for bone grafting, you can feel good about choosing a bone graft using bone particulate. Bone particulate is safe, practical, and effective.


Learn More About Bone Grafts at Your Next Dental Implant Appointment

Wondering if you can receive dental implants right away or if you might need a bone graft first? Find out at your next appointment with Dr. Mark A. Iacobelli or Dr. Stephen Sala. Call our office near Cleveland, OH at (440) 557-4484 to set up your first consultation.

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