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Have You Heard of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

 The summer months are typically about celebrating freedom, and one freedom many people may take for granted is the ability to chew and speak without any pain or embarrassment about the state of their teeth, gums, and jaw. If you are experiencing dental issues that affect all of your teeth, one option to get the freedom of your mouth back is full mouth reconstruction in North Royalton, OH.

Jaw Pain Keeping You Up at Night

Did you know that several people fix their TMJ issue in as little as one visit to a dental expert ? You can also treat some of the symptoms on your own with ice packs, gentle massaging, gentle stretches, and stress management. Over - the-counter NSAIDs like ibuprofen or naproxen may also be of immediate assistance for any discomfort.

Sleep Apnea: How Is It Related To Snoring?

While snoring is not a direct indication that you may be suffering from sleep apnea excessive snoring is a major warning sign that you may be suffering from sleep apnea. This is mainly because obstructive sleep apnea occurs when person’s breathing comes to a stop while they are sleeping which causes them to wake up multiple times throughout the night. This constant disruption of sleep and oxygen that results from sleep apnea can cause other health issues.

TMJ Disorders And Foods You Should Avoid

TMJ Disorders And Foods You Should Avoid
If you begin to exhibit warning signs that you might be suffering from TMJ then it would be beneficial if you contacted our office. We specialize in TMJ treatment and have the appropriate tools to assist you with the treatment of your TMJ disorder. Also, our trained doctor can examine your mouth and provide you with a proper diagnosis. In addition, if you are suffering from TMJ it would be good to know what foods you should avoid consuming as they might aggravate your TMJ disorder causing you discomfort.

Major Misconceptions About Invisalign®

Over the past 15 years or so, Invisalign® braces have become extremely popular and are definitely not showing any signs of slowing down. With its added success, there's been a host of common misconceptions regarding Invisalign throughout its lifespan. If you're struggling to figure out if Invisalign would be a good solution for you, take a closer look at some of the uncovered myths and misconceptions of this amazing dental treatment.

Types of Dental Implants at Iacobelli & Sala

Typically, a dental implant is comprised of a titanium post that is surgically placed within your jawbone. This is done so the post can fuse together with your jawbone to act as a replica of your tooth’s original root. This helps to secure the post, so the implant doesn’t move or shift out of place.

Give Your Smile a Makeover


Dental implants are common when it comes to missing teeth. They ensure your bone and tissue stay healthy and are designed to look like your natural teeth, resulting in smile you feel confident wearing. The procedure for implants involves a screw, which will be the root of your new teeth and attaches to your jaw. The abutment is the connector that holds the new teeth in place and the crown is the actual prosthetic tooth. This is a permanent solution for teeth replacement.

How to Straighten Your Smile Without Braces

Braces have been the go-to source for years when it came to straightening or realigning your teeth. However, with the rapid advancement of dental technologies and treatment practices, there's now other alternatives to choose from.  At Iacobelli & Sala our professionally skilled dental experts and their team offer customized comprehensive orthodontic treatments ranging from Bioliners, Snap-On Smiles®, and Invisalign®. 

Types of Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry has many different treatments that can offer solutions to all types of oral issues. There are so many options that it can sometimes be difficult the choose the best option for your specific problem. Luckily, Dr. Iacobelli and the remarkable team at Iacobelli and Sala are here to help you with understanding the different types of treatments. These doctors use numerous cosmetic dentistry treatments to fix your specific dental healthcare problems. Below are a few of the options commonly offed by a cosmetic dentist.