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Dear Dr. Mark,

Disappointed and disillusioned with years of stressful and costly dental procedures I have finally found a long sought after solution through you and your very competent staff. Today I am able to enjoy eating without discomfort and i’m no longer concerned or conscientious about happily smiling and, I do that frequently now.

With my sincere and deepest appreciation.

–Elaine F.

Hi Mark,

You are my hero! I know that sounds “over the top” but you always settle my nerves whenever I show up at your practice filled with anxiety. Today was no different- I want you to know that I greatly appreciate all that you do for me and my crazy teeth, gums, and bite.

I love your practice and all the wonderfully skilled and thoughtful people who help you do the magic that you do! I am forever in your debt.


Dear Dr. Mark,

I feel very comfortable with Dr. Mark and the entire staff. The high quality of their skills and training are very evident. The whole atmosphere is professional yet personal, and I feel my concerns are addressed. Everyone treats me not just as a patient, but also as a valuable friend. I have a lot of confidence and trust in Dr. Mark and the entire staff.


To Mark and your wonderful team,

My smile has always been a part of my “signature.” Thanks to your work ethic and desire to achieve only the best results, it will remain a major part of what is “me!” It means everything to me, and now so do all of you. You are a remarkable team, and I am so appreciative! Thank you ALL so much. You’re the BEST!


To Mark and team,

My wife and I have been to many dentists during our lifetime, but have not had a more thorough examination, cleaning and dental work done so professionally. During our visits, Mark and his staff make us feel like we are part of the family. We, like our daughters, will recommend Mark and his wonderful staff to all we know in need of dental work or who’s just looking for a darn good dentist that can handle ALL their dental needs. Now that’s the whole TOOTH, and nothing but the TOOTH!

–CK & PK

To Mark and your wonderful team,

My smile has always been a part of my “signature.” Thanks to your work ethic and desire to achieve only the best results, it will remain a major part of what is “me!” It means everything to me, and now so do all of you. You are a remarkable team, and I am so appreciative! Thank you ALL so much. You’re the BEST!


Mark and Staff:

All I can say is that, at first, my heart was not into having my teeth/gums all fixed the correct way. I was looking for a quick Band-Aid fix to get me by. But after my first appointment, which lasted all day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on that cold day in December ’99, I was convinced that I would complete my treatments over the next 5 years. After that first appointment day, where wisdom teeth were extracted and root canals performed, I was still able to see my son, Matt, play hockey for Padua (Home of the State Champions!) the next day without pain.

Thanks Mark and all your entire staff for a job well done!


We were first introduced to Mark Iacobelli at a Twins Club meeting, where he was doing a presentation on dental care for young children. My wife was very impressed with what Dr. Iacobelli was saying and the treatments that are available. After our son’s first couple of visits, he had my confidence, and I, too, was very impressed. Dr. Iacobelli had our son in braces for less than one year. His office worked with us on affordable monthly payments, and my son’s teeth look fantastic. He is currently working with us on our twins’ dental treatments. When surgery was needed on our youngest son, Mark and his office were more than willing to help make appointments and referrals. Everyone in my family feels very comfortable when they have a dental visit. Mark Iacobelli and his staff are truly caring professionals, and I would recommend them to anyone. –DB

My daughter suffered terrible migraine headaches from about 9-10.

She would be oout of school for 3-4 days at a time, several times a month. I tried everyone, from a neurologist to psychiatrists, to find out what was the cause of these headaches. A friend suggested we go to Dr. Mark since he specialized in treating TMJ. I took my daughter to Dr. Mark, and after approximately one year of treatment, her headaches almost completely stopped. Her jaw and bite were so off line, that was the cause of the migraine headaches. We will always be grateful!


Thank you so much for helping me with my TMJ pain and dysfunction problems. I am so grateful for the excellence of care I received by all of you. I am equally grateful for the professional, kind and courteous treatment I received at each and every appointment. Wishing all of you all the best.


What keeps you coming back to our practice?
Your “girls.” Oh yeah, Mark’s expertise, the best part… is the fact that everyone makes me feel like I’m a very special patient. Copious dental work, the people and a job well done, great care/great people, feels like family, quality care, knowledgeable, friendly and consistent staff, consistently professional and reliable care, pleasant staff, the staff and the excellent care and great dentistry delivered with customer service in mind. Dr. Mark is the best dentist in the area, and everyone cares to do a good job. Because I have trust in everyone, responsiveness to emergencies and Mark’s knowledge and quest for perfection in all areas of dentistry. Debbie, Jeanne, Barb and, of course, Mark. Thorough, professional care by outstanding professionals, excellence and very high quality services coupled with courteous friendly attention by all staff members. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Thank you.

The financial arrangements, by the way, are painless. Good deal – 12 months interest-free!

I think that you’re all great. We can laugh and cry together, crying from all the laughing. I usually have constructive criticisms for received services, but I have only positive comments for your office. You guys really do it well in all categories – excellent service, beautiful office space, respectful/friendly treatment by all staff members, with an eye for continued improvement. Thanks.

NO PAIN, NO DISCOMFORT, NO SURPRISES. When I find a professional who can deliver what he says, I’m a patient for life. Mark is the BEST.


Dear Dr. Mark, I just wanted to send you a note to say how pleased I am with the course of my TMJ treatment up to this point. I know that I am about to enter the “braces” phase and have been so pleased with how smoothly the treatment has gone thus far. I was very uneasy about the “appliance” on the first day, wondering how it was going to be possible for me to wear it for six months before even starting the braces! Having already been through several years of braces as a teenager, I can assure you this 36-year-old was not excited about reliving those days. Much to my pleasure and surprise, however, my mouth has never been more comfortable. As promised by your staff, I am very used to the appliance, to the point that I miss it when it is out for only 10 minutes, and I find it impossible to eat without it. For the past five or six years, I have carried much of the stress of daily life in my jaw. While driving my car, I would routinely find myself massaging my lower jaw to ease the stress and tension. Little did I know, the TMJ treatment would bring me such quick resolution! Not only is my “click” gone, both in the up/down and side/side motions, but the stress and tension are gone from my jaw. I find my bite completely in balance, and I am eager to move on with the braces to make this situation permanent for me. As far as eating with the appliance goes, I eat everything I want, except chewing. I eat steak as often as I ever did before and enjoy it more since I don’t “click” or get a sore jaw. Thanks again for leading me through the treatment up to this point, and I look forward to getting braces at the end of the month (well, sort of). –SA

Dear Mark,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done regarding #12 and #13! When I came in on Tuesday, it was my fifth visit to a dentist for the same thing. Within 20 minutes, you sat me down, showed me what was wrong and told me your plan to fix it! Thank you so very much! Your office staff, especially Barb, are the best. I’ve highly recommended you to several people already. Once again – thank you!


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