When you think about going to the dentist what is the first thought that comes to mind. It’s usually not a thought about it being a relaxing experience but thanks to advancements in dentistry sedation options are available to help relieve you of your dental anxiety. Oftentimes a patient’s dental anxiety can keep them from seeking treatment and their oral health becomes neglected. However, your oral health is also connected to your overall health and with this being said it’s important to be sure you’re maintaining it.

Top 3 Reasons Patients Experience Dental Anxiety

1. Your Fear of Pain
If you have a fear of pain, then this can be a major source for your dental anxiety. Also, oftentimes the fear that a patient is experiencing is more of a manifested feeling than the actual reality of the dental procedure. Most dental treatments are not painful but if the root of your dental anxiety is related to your fear of pain then it can keep you from seeking treatment. Sedation can help relieve your anxiety.

2. Embarrassment
If your last time receiving dental treatment was a significant while ago then you may be feeling some sense of embarrassment about the look or the smell of your teeth. Also, you might be in anticipation of being scolded about not taking care of your teeth, but your dentist is there to treat you not scold you.

3. Loss of Control
When it comes to a loss of control going to a dental office can make a patient already suffering from dental anxiety feel like they have no control. However, sedation can help to relax you and its also very important to understand that your dentist is a trained professional with a goal to ensure your oral care.

Let Us Help Your Dental Health
If you are experiencing dental anxiety, then it would be very beneficial if you considered sedation as an option to help relieve you of your dental anxiety. Please reach out to us to schedule a consultation so that our dentist can discuss sedation options with you and help you choose the best option for you.