Braces have been the go-to source for years when it came to straightening or realigning your teeth. However, with the rapid advancement of dental technologies and treatment practices there's now other alternatives to choose from.  At Iacobelli & Sala our professionally skilled dental experts and their team offer customized comprehensive orthodontic treatments ranging from Bioliners, Snap-On Smiles®, and Invisalign®. In this article learn more about Invisalign plus snap on smiles and how this treatment can rejuvenate your smile. 


Invisalign has its benefits

Many older patients love Invisalign since the clear aligner trays allow the user to wear them without being noticed, this means they won’t be as bulky and noticeable than traditional braces. Another great aspect to choosing this type of teeth alignment option is that the maintenance and upkeep of Invisalign trays are far less complicated than traditional methods. Your trays should actually be removed before meals and before you reinsert them, brush your teeth and rinse out the trays making sure there is no left-over residue. After that your good to go. 


A new smile in a snap

If Invisalign® is a little out of your comfort zone and isn’t an option for you but you are still interested in teeth-straightening solution then this treatment might provide you with that. Created in the Snap-On smile lab this orthodontic appliance is custom made to “snap” over you original teeth acting like a mask for your teeth while maintaining an all-natural look and feel. 


More Information

As previously stated there isn’t just one option anymore when it comes to taking care of your teeth, especially in regards to straighten them. If you're interested in changing your life and realigning your smile then we invite you to visit our office located in North Royalton, OH to learn more. You can also reach us here to schedule a consultation with Dr. Iacobelli.