Types of Cosmetic Procedures


Cosmetic dentistry has many different treatments that can offer solutions to all types of oral issues. There are so many options that it can sometimes be difficult the choose the best option for your specific problem. Luckily, Dr. Iacobelli and the remarkable team at Iacobelli and Sala are here to help you with understanding the different types of treatments. These doctors use numerous cosmetic dentistry treatments to fix your specific dental healthcare problems. Below are a few of the options commonly offed by a cosmetic dentist.

Teeth whitening procedures – This is a common dental treatment that is used to enhance the color of your actual teeth. This is done by applying one of two types of techniques: a dental based laser or an oral gel placed around the teeth.

Porcelain veneers –  An individual’s teeth can chip, fracture, and even decay over the duration of their life. Cosmetic dental issues like this can be corrected with a porcelain veneering procedure. The veneer is a ceramic covering that is positioned over your damaged teeth to restore them to a healthy, balanced, and good-looking smile.

Crowns – Crowns are typically used in situations where the patient has cracked a tooth. A crown is a good option instead of a filling, so the decay does not keep on occurring. Dental crowns make for a great looking appearance for the patient, having a natural look with the strength of a tooth. Crowns are custom made and personalized for you.

Composite Fillings – Need a filling but do not want the piece of metal showing in your mouth as you speak? Composite fillings are the solve for you. Composite fillings are tooth colored fillings that are metal free that allow you to have a natural finish to your teeth.

If you need would like to undergo a cosmetic procedure, contact Iacobelli and Sala.  These doctors will be able to give you more information about the various cosmetic dental treatments that are offer at Iacobelli and Sala Exceptional Dental Care for the Quality Conscious. One of our team members will be more than happy to assist you with scheduling a visit to learn more.

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